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We just love ice cream!

Mario and Luigi Gelato
Ercole Marsella, Great Uncle of Mario Borza, selling from his traditional Ice Cream mobile in Limerick in 1920-1930 

The Borza family, originally from the beautiful Italian province of Frosinone, has roots in Ireland that date back to the

nineteenth century, and a long history in the food industry.

Today, the Borza & Iacobelli familes are proud to have a presence in both the green island of Ireland and its ancestral hometowns of Casalvieri & Montattico (Casalattico) in Italy. Back in the 19th century, Ercole Marsella, great uncle of Mario Borza, was involved selling Ice Cream in Limerick & Dublin, also Mario's Father, Silvio Borza, was selling Ice Cream from a traditional Ice Cream mobile in the early 80's Dublin. The tradition continues with Mario Borza & Luigi Iacobelli

bringing memorable culinary experiences to the Irish people with Mario and Luigi Gelato, Ireland’s most exciting gelateria.

Mario & Luigi Ice Cream


It's what's on the inside that counts

At Mario and Luigi’s, we combine age-old Italian techniques, a passion for flavour and culinary perfection, and attention to detail with fresh Irish dairy produce, and locally sourced fruits and flavours. In this way, we bring you the tastiest ice cream on the market: all the flavours and goodness of Italian gelato made from wholesome Irish milk,cream, and delicious fruits, created in our very own kitchen every day by professionals
trained in the beautiful city of Bologna at Italy’s prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University.

We know that ice cream is not just about delicious flavours,

it is also about fun! That is why a visit to a Mario and Luigi’s outlet is not just about a lip-smacking cono or coppa of
gelato, but a sensory experience that will put the pep in your step long after the last delicious mouthful has been finished.

A trip to Mario and Luigi’s for a sneaky solo treat or with friends and family, will make any day special!

Mario & Luigi Gelato